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TumbleTally 2 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import a database from someone else's TumbleTally?

*** Note: data shared from an iOS device can only be shared with another iOS device, not with Android devices.

First the other person needs to email their database to you by following these steps:

1. In TumbleTally, go to the menu, and select “My Data”.

2. Select the database to export (there will usually only be one, called “My Data”, unless they have imported other databases).

3. Tap the “share” button in the lower left corner. It’s a square with an arrow pointing up.

4. Send the email, which has the database attached as a file (TumbleTally_DB.ttdx).

When you receive the email on your iDevice follow these steps to import it:

1. Open the message and then tap the TumbleTally_DB.ttdx icon in the body of the email message.

2. In the menu that comes up, find and tap the TumbleTally icon.

3. You should see a popup that says that the data was imported.

4. Go to the TumbleTally menu, then tap “My Data”.

5. You should see an item in the list labeled “Imported Data”. Tap it, then tap “Select” at the bottom of the screen. The checkmark should move to the selected item in the list.

You are now using the imported database. To go back to using your own database, tap “My Data” (the first item in the list), then tap “Select”.

How do I add and select a new Season?

A. Add a new Season
  1. Tap Seasons on the TumbleTally menu
  2. Tap +
  3. Enter a name and starting date for your new season.
  4. Tap Save
B. Add a meet to the new season
  1. Tap Meets on the menu
  2. Tap the Season bar below the “Meets” title bar
  3. Tap your newly added season
  4. Tap +
  5. Enter the meet details
  6. Tap Save
C. Add competitors to the new meet
  1. Tap Select Competitors on the menu
  2. Tap the Meet button (upper left)
  3. Tap the Season bar below the “Select a Meet” title bar
  4. Tap your newly added season
  5. Tap the newly added meet.
  6. Select your competitors

You can now enter scores for the meet.

Adding additional meets will automatically use the latest selected season, so you only need to select the new season right after you add it.

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